About Us

PMCTQuest is a Registered Northern American Project Management Consulting and Training Company based in Ontario, Canada. We have been doing business for more than 15 years around the world, including most of the Arabian Gulf Countries. Our business is very wide spread with major focus on both Project Management and Business Management. It includes Several Project Management and Portfolio Management Consultation Services, Specialized Project Management Training, Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) Implementation, Business Management Enhancement, Organizational Processes Improvement, Enterprise Applications Management System Deployment, in addition to specialized resources augmentation.

PMCTQuest – Real Project Management

Our consultants and instructors are experienced project managers who are Certified, and have many years of experience in project management related in various industries.

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We can arrange to meet with interested clients, conduct thorough assessments in order to understand the requirements and to deliver, either ready made best practice solutions, or develop special customized project management solutions associated with full fledge of proven successful results. We deliver what we promise, and we are proud that our reputation has exceeded our market share. Customer Satisfaction is our highest priority; “Meeting and Exceeding Customers’ Expectations is our No. One goal.”