Our services are essential and important for any organization that is striving for the best. We do specialized custom-made training for both project management related skills and general business management soft skills. We offer consulting services in almost all related project management domains. 

We design, procure, develop, implement, setup and deliver training in project management applications such as Primavera and Microsoft Project Enterprise applications.

PMCTQuest is unique in offering variety of project management services to support the modern advancement in project management and the ultimate demands for any organization, through identifying and delivering highly skilled PM professionals as seconded resources in order to meet any existing or future needs.


  • PM Business Re-Engineering
  • Project Management Office (PMO) Start-up & Initiation
  • Project Management Life Cycle Implementation
  • PM Execution & Controlling
  • PM Maturity Enterprise Project Management Implementation (EPM)
  • Planning and Scheduling (PS) System
  • Project Controls Systems (PCS)


PMCTQuest Consulting integrates with your organization in a way that eliminates the big broad between the consultants, as to say, and the day-to-day operational staff within the organization. Our consultants enjoy being as an integral part of the staff members, They can work closely with the concerned members in full capacity and transparency, so that tasks are identified, owners gain more confidence, and hence, perform according to the plan more effectively and efficiently.

We believe strongly in team works, and enjoy close contributions and involvements, while monitoring successful results. Our goal is to make others creatively deliver successful results step by step.


Some of our Consulting Services: 

  • PM Business Re-Engineering 
  • Project Management Office (PMO) Start-up & Initiation 
  • PM Implementation 
  • PM Execution & Controlling 
  • PM Maturity Enterprise Project Management Implementation (EPM) 
  • Planning and Scheduling (PS) System 
  • Project Controls Systems (PCS)


Successful project management requires applications as part of its complete configuration management system: 

Our professionals are specialized to: 

  • Identify, design, implement, deploy, and commission any PM system. 
  • Support, configure, and trouble-shoot PM systems problems. 
  • Conduct in-house specialized project management training. 

We are pleased to offer our services for the following project management applications: 

  • Oracle Primavera P6 Implementation and Training.
  • MS Project Implementation and Training. 
  • MS Enterprise Project Implementation and Training.


We know that not every organization will have the sufficient competent in order to face new developed challenges. On the other hand, it is too expensive to hire full time expertise to fill in these gaps. We provide you with the required expertise in a timely manner: 

The selected personnel will be your full-time professional who will: 

  • Start effectively from day one with full capacity 
  • Translate your business processes into and effective results 
  • Act as a subject expert matter who can recommending best practices 
  • Deliver results, and improve production, and 
  • Enhance the quality of needed works, while securing knowledge transfer effectively. 

We are specialized in the following project management fields: 

  • Project Requirements Specialists 
  • Planning and Scheduling Specialists 
  • Project Controls Specialists 
  • Project Managers Professionals
  • Document Controllers Specialists 
  • PMO Implementation Specialists 
  • Many More….

Try us once and you will taste the business freedom and the flexibility of making real project results.


We offer:

  • Specific task oriented results with predefined goals and measured standards. 
  • Reliable set time period for optimum results with short term commitment.
  • Independent evaluation with recognized savings and Return On Investment (ROI). 
  • Smooth implementation that allows full-time management to perform their regular duties without interruptions or additional pressure.
  • Hands on coaching and in-house face to face training possibilities. 
  • Close relationship based on an agreed-upon partnership without any long term commitments. 


Our Project Management Solutions represent: 

  • Processes for planning, managing, and implementing results-orientated projects, at the desired cost and within the desired time-frame. 
  • Project specific Quality Plan provides the necessary road-map as a guideline and overview for a specific scope of work and is developed in full partnership with client organizations to establish who, what, when, where, and why a project is being undertaken. 
  • Perform Complete Project Risk Management Workshops in order to reduce the project threats and capitalize on the overall project opportunities. 
  • Prepare schedule due diligence for start-up and ongoing project to pin point inconsistencies, wrong dependencies, invalid sequences as well as any other schedule mistakes. 
  • Develop an enhanced project management reporting system, utilizing the Earned Value Management, in order to provide a more credible and an unbiased Performance Measurement Reports. 



Our business management services are tailored to small and medium size business clients in order to enhance the organizational products and/or services for best results: 

  • Improve operational efficiency, and enhance risk management. Reduce costs, improve processes, drive revenue, assure quality, and strengthen consumer relationships.
  • Human Resources Management Services. 
  • Employees Enterprise Training Program and Evaluation Program
  • Organization Structure and Staffing Development. 
  • Organizational and Employee Performance Systems Implementation OPMS, Scorecard etc.. 
  • Business Processes Analysis and Development Identification and analysis of key performance indicators
  • Project Risk management assessments including internal controls  
  • Many More…